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Sales, rentals and scanning supplies

Frontier Metrology Inc. is proud to announce that we are officially an authorized FARO distributors!

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FARO equipment and accessories

PolyWorks Inspector & Modeler

AESUB Scanning Spray

Scanning supplies

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Laser Line Scanners

FARO Quantum S Arm

FARO Quantum S Scan Arm

FARO Quantum S Arm 2.5m


Faro LLP - For Rent


FARO Arm Extension Kit

FARO Arm Extension Kit​

Extension Arm Kit

FARO Track Arm Kit

FARO Track Arm Kit​

Track Arm Kit

FARO Tripod

FARO Tripod​

Heavy Duty Tripod

LiDAR Scanner

FARO Focus 350s

FARO Focus 350s​

FARO Focus 350s LiDAR Scanner

Carbon Fiber Tripod

Carbon Fiber Tripod​

Carbon Fiber Tripod

Laser Tracker

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

FARO Focus 350s​

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

1.5" SMR

Laser Tracker 1.5" SMR​

1.5″ SMR

FARO Vantage Extension Kit

FARO Vantage Extension Kit​

SMR Extension kit

SMR Nest

SMR Nest - For Rent

1.5″ Magnetic SMR nest

Edge Nest

1.5″ Edge ball probe seat

Pin Nest

Pin nest - 1.5" Ball probe seat with 1/4" Pin - 1" offset

1.5″ Ball probe seat with
1/4″ Pin – 1″ offset

Probe seat

Probe seat - 1.5" Flat ball probe seat - 1" offset

1.5″ Flat ball probe seat
– 1″ offset

Center punch

Center punch - 1.5" Ball probe seat center punch - 1" offset

1.5″ Ball probe seat center punch – 1″ offset

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