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About us

Frontier Metrology acknowledges that our customers are often faced with very unique and challenging scenarios in their day to day operations. Whether it is having to capture existing real world conditions of a building, large objects or scanning complex and intricate parts we will always strive to meet your needs. We understand these challenges and apply our expertise and extensive knowledge in 3D Laser & LiDAR scanning to provide a 3D solution to help our customers meet their requirements.

We specialize in delivering high quality and accurate 3D data. We have turned our passion into our profession and continue to strive in becoming an industry leader and provide exemplary 3D scanning services.

Frontier Metrology utilizes only the best in 3D scanning equipment and software to ensure our customers are provided with fast and accurate services. We also work hand in hand with our customers to show how we can implement our 3D scanning services and training and provide cost and resources saving benefits.

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