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Laser Tracker

Laser Tracking Services

Laser tracking services for CMM style inspection, machine installation and precision measurements

Laser Tracking Technology

Discover the benefits of our Laser Tracking services and what we have to offer

Our team of Metrology experts with a background in Millwrighting and fabricating specialize in CMM inspection, machine installation and precision measurements. 

Laser Tracking

Laser Tracking Technology allows us to perform on-site measurements with the precision and accuracy of traditional CMM.

Use our Laser Tracking services for:

Machine Installation
part assembly
Robot Calibration
Precision measurements

Trust our experts with years of experience in industry!

Laser Tracker

Our services are currently applied

Tool & Die

Laser Tracking Services


Perform real-time measurement during the assembly process to confirm tolerances and maintain or improve quality control.

Machine Installation

Precisely locate and install your machines and equipment with the utmost degree of certainty.


Check machine specifications and monitor mechanical parts to ensure they are within specifications.

part assembly

Validate assemblies and installs by comparing the measured components to the Nominal requirements.

Robot Calibration

Perform on-site checks and specifications of robots to ensure they meet and conformance and specifications.

Precision Measurements

Acquire highly accurate and precise digital measurement data on parts or assemblies.


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Benefits of Laser Tracking

1) CMM accuracy and precision

2) On-site results and measurements

3) Small to large volume applications

4) Fast results and measurements

5) Compare nominals to measured values

6) Check proper alignment and installation 

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