3D scanning has revolutionized many industries and has given way to 3D capabilities such as Quality
Inspection, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing & Prototyping. This fundamental step has changed the ways we once went from concept to final product by scanning tangible products and converting them
into a virtual model.

Why use 3D scanning?

1) Saves time and resources

2) Makes prototyping faster

3) Provides fast and in-depth quality inspection

4) Compare designed to manufactures parts

5) Offers ability to re-manufacture parts without existing CAD

6) Create your own CAD

7) Scan any material regardless of reflectivity


FARO Edge Arm www.FARO.com
FARO Edge Arm www.FARO.com

.STL (Non-water Tight)

stereo-lithography or .STL file for short is the basic export following scanning and creation of a point cloud. .STL files are commonly supported by many CAD software packages and are used for Reverse engineering, performing inspections and computer-aided manufacturing.


.STL (water Tight)

Use our water-tight .STL files which are 3D print ready and are widely supported by many 3D printers and CAD/CAM software.



Use our infinitly spaced cross-sections in X,Y &Z to Reverse Engineer in-house or import cross-sections in a variety of formats for use on CNC equipment, router and water-jet tables.

Interested in 3D Scanning?

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