3D Laser Line Scanning

3D scanning has revolutionized many industries and has given way to 3D capabilities such as Quality Inspection, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing & Prototyping. This fundamental step has changed the ways we once went from concept to final product by scanning tangible products and converting them
into a virtual model.


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Point Clouds

Highly accurate and precise Point Cloud data which forms the foundation for use in a variety of applicatio

With the ability to take scan data and overlay it to existing CAD we are able to provide accurate and effective 'colour map' deviation reports!

Quality Inspection

Part to CAD verification for accurate and effective 'colour map' deviation reports, GD&T and CMM style reports


Reverse Engineering

High quality reverse engineered models created directly from scan data ensure accuracy and precision.



Cross-sections derived from scan data for in-house reverse engineering, design modifications, 2D & 3D CNC work.


Polygonal Models

Point clouds converted to Polygonal models for use in 3D printing, Inspection and modelling applications


3D Print Ready Models

3D Print ready 'water-tight' models that can be manipulated, modified and scaled to suit your needs


  • 3D Measurements
  • Laser line point clouds
  • Cross-sections
  • Quality Inspection
  • Polygonal Models
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Print ready models
  • Design Manipulation
  • Product Development
  • Part & Tool inspection
  • Actual VS CAD
  • Die Design
  • Die design modification 
  • Legacy or archival part surfacing
  • Production part verification
  • Turbine blade inspection
  • Flush & gap/profile Gauging
  • Fixture checks

Why use 3D Laser Scanning?

1) Saves time and resources

2) Design, Inspect & modify

3) Provides fast and in-depth quality inspection

4) Compare designed to manufactures parts

5) Offers ability to re-manufacture parts without existing CAD

6) Create your own CAD

7) Scan any material regardless of reflectivity


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